Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the author app on my page?

Click here and choose the Facebook page you want to install the app on.

I see the app but I can’t figure out how to add or edit my information

To edit the app you need to be using Facebook as the fan page. To check that you are using Facebook as the fan page, look on the right side menu on Facebook. You should see a link that says “Use Facebook As”. Make sure to use Facebook as the fan page and not as an individual. Once you are using Facebook as the fan page edit buttons will appear allowing you to add and edit content on the app.

Can I put the app on a user or group page (not a fan page)?

The app is designed specifically for Facebook fan pages. Please do not purchase this app if you are trying to add it to a user profile or group page.

How do I import my book information from Amazon?

It’s simple. Within the app go to My Books. Click on the Add New button. Enter the ISBN for your book and click Add Book. All your book information will be automatically imported into the app from Amazon.

It may sound obvious but we’re going to day it: you can only import data from Amazon if your book is for sale on Amazon.

Who can edit my app once it’s installed?

Anyone who is an admin of your fan page can edit the app. To edit the app the admin must be using Facebook as the fan page.

I don’t want this app anymore, how do I remove it from my page?

To remove the app from your fan page you need to go to your fan page in Facebook. Click on Edit Page and go to Apps. You will see Author Marketing App listed in your Apps directory. Click the x next to the Author Marketing app to remove the app.

My images are not uploading / rendering correctly. Help!

To have your images render the best way possible we recommend uploading a jpg, png or gif file. The image size should be 100 x 150 pixels.

How do I offer a free chapter of my book?

There are 2 ways to offer a free chapter in the app – you can send fans to a web page that has your free chapter OR you can offer the free chapter as a PDF download.

Send fans to a web page that has my free chapter:

1) Make sure you have a URL that houses your free chapter

2) In the app, click Edit Book

3) Under Free Chapter URL type or paste the URL from step 1

Offer free chapter as PDF download:

1) Create a PDF document with the content you want to offer for free

2)  2) In the app, click Edit Book

3) Go to Free Chapter File, click Browse and upload the document from step 1